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Motion Capture

Motion capture is a technology widely used in the field of dance to capture and analyze the movements of dancers. It involves recording the precise motions of a dancer or group of dancers using specialised equipment and sensors. These sensors are typically strapped to the dancer's body directly or worn as part of a smart suit. 


The movements captured can be analysed for research purposes or choreography development.  However, they can be also used to enhance live dance performances or create interactive digital experiences. Real-time motion capture systems allow dancers' movements to control visuals, lighting, or sound elements, creating a dynamic and immersive performance environment.


Motion capture data from the dancer's movements can also be used to animate virtual characters in dance-related projects, such as video games, animated films, or virtual reality experiences. Facial expressions can also be captured simultaneously in real-time by adding a face-capture device.    By mapping the captured movements onto virtual characters, realistic and expressive dance performances can be created in digital mediums. 

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