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Volumetric Capture

Volumetric capture is a technique used to create three-dimensional representations of objects, people, or environments. It involves capturing a subject from multiple angles simultaneously, using an array of cameras or sensors, to create a realistic and immersive 3D model.


When it comes to dance, volumetric capture can be a powerful tool for capturing and preserving dance performances in a unique and interactive way. By using volumetric capture technology, dancers' movements can be recorded and transformed into 3D representations, allowing viewers to experience the performance from any angle or perspective.

Volumetric capture enables a more immersive and engaging experience compared to traditional video recordings.


Photos courtesy of Queerskins: ARK

Viewers can explore the dance piece in virtual or augmented reality environments, observing the performance from different viewpoints and even interacting with the virtual dancers. This technology offers opportunities for choreographers, dancers, and audiences to engage with dance in innovative ways.

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