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Artistic Director & Choreographer NEO JENNY

Creative Director & Choreographer BENEDICT SOH

Music Composer & Arrangement JEFFREY TAN WEI YANG

Music Composer & Multi-instrumentalist YONG KAILIN

Music Composer & Flutist DR TAN QING LUN

Duration 17 MINS.   Format STEREOSCOPIC 360VR

Connecting Dots

“To keep up-to-date with current trends but still be distinctive, we can experiment with a medium that is typically reserved for gaming and film purposes. VR is a wonderful vehicle for this movement as it completely immerses the viewer in the world of the dance piece. Being surrounded by the dancers and set is a hard thing to fulfil logistically in real life, and it can only be catered to a limited audience due to space restrictions in the venue. With this style of recording, it can be more inclusive as one has the freedom to explore the space without the worry of bumping into the dancers or set, and it provides a good alternative for those who might not be able to participate in these kinds of experimental performances (people who use a wheelchair or have social anxiety).

VR can be beneficial for our dance company. Seeing as more dance artists, choreographers and companies are incorporating more digital works into their repertoire, especially post-Covid, it will be good for our company to make use of this opportunity to present a unique perspective of Chinese Dance to international audiences.”

Neo Jenny

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

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