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Maya Dance Theatre

Concept, Artistic Director & Co-choreographer KAVITHA KRISHNAN

Performer & Co-choreographer RIANTO  Collaborators/Performers SHAHRIN JOHRY  EVA TEY


Original Music CAWATI    Lighting Designer  ALBERTA WILEO

Duration 10 MINS 57 SECS    Format STEREOSCOPIC 180VR

Blue Background

“Maya Dance Theatre seeks to better explore the collaboration between Arts and Technology while at the same time, offer our audiences a new experience. We see the need for our presentations to become hybrid (whereby the creation has both value for physical and digital elements) as a means to engage new audiences. We are confident that the hybrid space will enable us to bring social topics into deeper discussions and reach out to new players whom we are unable to reach through the conventional way of working. This also means it will garner more audience support and develop new audiences to the space.

Through this new platform, we can also enable the differently abled community and the audience a better platform to experience the arts from the comfort of their own homes and through digital means which can enable more severely challenged audiences to enjoy the arts. Thus, the journey will enhance our support towards inclusivity, and promote the notion, Arts for All.”

Kavitha Krishnan

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Maya Dance Theatre

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